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Pure Moringa

Kiss Oil
Keep It Soft & Silky

You Deserve the Best

Hair Skin Heart & Private Parts

All Natural 100% Moringa Remedy 
Nature's Most Nutrient Rich Plant
Earth's Most Potent Detox Seed

(Aceite natural para labios sensibles tanto superiores como inferiores.)

  • Food Plant Powerhouse: PACKED FULL

  • Anti-Aging: rich in antioxidants

  • Anti-Inflammatory:  soothe the skin

  • Moisturizing: good source of fatty acids

  • Wound Healing:  burns, cuts, and scrapes

  • Wrinkles Reducing: improve elasticity 

  • Potent Detox: cleanse from within

  • Oil Pulling: swish in mouth 

  • Antibacterial: natural oder removal 

  • Preventative Care: blood sugar control

  • Man's Health: "It's for your beard & balls"

    • ​Magnesium for Muscle

    • Complete Proteins for Energy

    • Prevents Unneeded Chaffing

    • Helps Deliver Ultimate Power

  • Woman's Health: Great for Joyful Life Phases

    • Menstruation Cramping

    • Pregnancy Replenishing

    • Nursing Hydration 

    • Menopause Hot Flashes 

    • Hormone Chemical Balancing

      • Rush Shipping Available!​​​

Kiss Oil is kinda like WD-40 for the body.

It just makes everything work better. 


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An Inspiring Journey Journal

Join Our Story

Because People Need Healing

Heal the world and Immerse yourself in nature with Lady Moringa. We are an art community connecting like-minded miracle tree believers building a world of wellness. 

What is the Miracle Tree Trust?

We are a nontaxable educational organization that grows Moringa in Florida Community Gardens. We make all natural wellness products and support US Veteran Local Families who Ship-Farm-To-Family-Direct to you.

We offer premium quality with fair market pricing. 

What is the Moringa Influencer Program?

Natural Skin Care Beauticians (you) Get Paid to Raise Awareness of Moringa, the Miracle Tree of Life.

Founder's Dad

"I drink hot tea and take a swig of moringa oil. I can tell when I miss a day because my knees start hurting ."

Fouder's Mom

"When I don't put moringa on my food, I can feel my nueropothy come back. When my leg falls asleep, it's because I stopped taking moringa."

Some Girl on Bumble

"When I take moringa, my skin is clear. I love the name too, Kiss Oil! Keep It Soft & Silky."
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