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Benjamin CFO

Looking for a guy in finance?

Let's Build Empires, not stress.

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Commercial Financial Optimizer 

Benjamin Horbowy is a US Veteran, Polish American Texan on a mission to share seeds of wisdom & nutrition that empower family owned businesses with funding & systems.

Switching Roofs

Featured Venture

National Brand Deal Seeks Licensed Contractors

  • 20 Certified Roofers (White Label Subs)

    • Owens Corning Platinum Preferred 

    • Dominate Metro Markets

    • No Overlapping Territories ​

  • 1 General Contractor (Joint Venture)

    • GC/CFO + 50/50 = Mailbox Money​

Partner with us for 5-7x MORE roofing leads!

Who will be named the "Great American Roofer"

Applications Due Aug 30, 2024! 


This is the Mr. Beast Burgers of Roofing. Instead of ghost kitchens, we have white-labeled local family owned service providers who get most of the revenue we bring them. 

Why Partner with Benjamin CFO as the Reasonable Roofer?

"Because home is the most important business."

Blue Skies

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